We are very proud to help build a website focused on helping people improve their cognitive abilities. Having grandparents who have suffered from brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer, we jumped at the opportunity to help Hanne and Dawn advertise their brain fitness course.

More information regarding the Gold Minds Brain Fitness courses can be found on their website.

Their six week program will focus on ensuring that participants “keep what they’ve  got” while working to improve their brain power! A variety of mental stimulation and memory activities as well as stress reduction and movement exercises will be presented in a comfortable format and will be combined with current information about what is needed for brain health.

Please note: This first series of workshops will be run as a “pilot” program with a reduced registration fee and participants asked to give feedback on each session.

Hanne MacKay and Dawn Benson both have a background in educational curriculum and instruction, as well as a compelling interest in brain research and how to apply the most recent discoveries to their every-day lives. Taking this background information and combining it with their experience of presenting educational presentations and workshops to adults, they have created a series of workshops focused on the importance of brain plasticity in improving memory as well as mental well-being.